Thiesfeldt Continues Campaign as Election Looms

Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt is making his re-election
bid on Tuesday – looking to maintain his role in the state assembly. Thiesfeldt
tells us education plays an important role in growing the economy. 

He says “we have put a
heavy emphasis in the legislature and the governor has as well on trying to
make sure that we have people coming out of our schools that are ready to enter
the workforce. And I know all states are hurting for workers to a certain
extent, but Wisconsin
has unemployment that’s been at 3-percent or lower for eight consecutive months
now. We need all people out there, all hands on deck.”

Thiesfeldt also has some ideas about how to help students
pay for college, saying 
“what I would
like to do is be able to provide tax credits for any individual who would like
to help – former students in this case – who have student loan debt. Provide
them a tax credit for helping them out. That could be a family member, could be
a business, could be your neighbor down the street who wants to help you out
with your loans – they would be able to get a tax credit for doing so.”

When it comes to the hot topic of healthcare and covering
pre-existing conditions, Thiesfeldt says he supports it. 

He tells us “my opponent is
out there telling people that I’m trying to eliminate protections for
pre-existing conditions and that is not true. I actually voted for a bill in
the last session that said Wisconsin
will cover pre-existing conditions. That’s documented, it’s there.”

He adds that he is against the Affordable Care Act,
and says there needs to be a state-level replacement. 

Thiesfeldt also points to his record, “I’ve been willing to make difficult decisions, cast difficult votes that haven’t always been popular but I think have played a role in the good state that we find ourselves in, in the state of Wisconsin. Nobody can deny that our economy is doing well.”
Thiesfeldt is facing Democratic challenger Kevin Booth in the race for the 52nd Assembly District.