Thiesfeldt Holds onto 52nd Assembly District Seat

Republican representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt will hold on to his seat in the State Assembly, after defeating Democrat Kevin Booth in Tuesday’s midterm election. 

We spoke with Thiesfeldt once the unofficial results were
released, and he says 
“I’m appreciative of the support I continue to get from the
voters of the 52
nd District. I love this community and I enjoy
serving all of these voters, trying to make
Fond du Lac a better place – so thank you to
everyone out there.”

Thiesfeldt adds that “it’s gratifying and it’s humbling all at the same time. I try to do my best to represent the people of the county, I try to have a pragmatic approach to things. Every idea out there that’s conservative isn’t a great idea, an idea that’s out there that’s liberal isn’t a bad idea.”
He also tells us that “something that I frequently heard as I knocked on peoples doors is – they’ll tell me that they don’t necessarily agree with me on everything, but they appreciate the fact that I listen and I examine things and don’t just simply push their ideas aside.”
Thiesfeldt also wanted to address the constituents and his opponent, saying “I thank the voters once again for their confidence in me and I also thank Kevin Booth for stepping up to the plate an representing the view of the Democratic Party in the area, and I wish him well.” ideas aside.”
While the race looked a bit tight to start, Thiesfeldt pulled away in the end – winning about 61.6% of the vote in the 52nd Assembly District.