Thiesfeldt Introduces Teacher Protection Act

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt introduced the Teacher Protection Act this week at the State Capitol. There are 11 initiatives in the bill designed to give teachers more protection in the classroom. That includes requiring the Department of Public Instruction and school districts to post a Teacher Bill of Rights on their websites each year informing teachers about their rights under the law. The former Winnebago Lutheran Academy teacher says one provision of the bill would allow teachers to break their contract with a school district without a financial penalty if they do not feel safe enough to continue teaching in that district. Another provision would require that an unruly student who causes problems in the classroom could be sent out of the class for the remainder of the period and the next day. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says that would allow for a cooling off period. He says it would also give an opportunity for the teacher, an administrator, and the student to get together and talk things over. According to the latest U.S. Department of Education data 1 out of every 4 Wisconsin teachers experience a physical attack or are threatened with injury from a student every year.