Thiesfeldt Responds To Evers’ Budget Address

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt released the following statement regarding last night’s State Budget Address:

“Last night I sat in the Assembly chambers and watched a video of Tony Evers delivering the televised biennial budget address to the state that was short in length, low on detail, and vacant of several huge issues of great importance.  In spite of the pandemic creating the most difficult economic challenges since the Great Recession, the prudent and difficult budgeting decisions made by Republicans in the last 10 years have placed Wisconsin in a stronger-than-anticipated position.

Two years ago, Republicans in the Legislature rewrote the Evers budget proposal, and last night the Governor doubled down with a new proposal rich in liberal policy, dramatically increased spending, and higher taxes.  Disappointingly, this is not a serious proposal.

In this time of economic uncertainty and for many of our businesses and residents, a crisis, the Wisconsin state budget must exhibit fiscal restraint.  Double digit spending increases must be scaled back.  We must cut taxes to create economic growth.  Schools must be reopened.  Businesses must be allowed to operate in freedom to flourish and thrive.”