Thiesfeldt Says Mask Mandates Should Be Decided Locally

Governor Evers extended the mask mandate in the state to November 21. In response to the extension, Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac, issued a statement, saying the mask mandates should be directed locally, instead of being issued by the Governor. In his release, Thiesfeldt said Governor Evers is “avoiding his duty to work with the legislative branch. He has not consulted with the legislative branch before issuing any of the three emergency health orders. The latest order is clearly a lawless action.” Thiesfeldt went on to say nothing prevents any individual from wearing a mask, or for a business, school, municipality, county, or others from enacting measures to suit local situations. “Local control is still the best way to handle the coronavirus. There is no good reason that Fond du Lac should be treated the same as Green Bay.”