Thiesfeldt Supports Kimberly-Clark Tax Incentives

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt voted for a tax incentive package that is attempting to keep Kimberly-Clark from closing two plants in the Fox Valley. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says it is corporate welfare and he would prefer they not be in a situation where they have to do that. Thiesfeldt feels it is different from the situation with Mercury Marine in 2009 when the state, the City of Fond du Lac, and Fond du Lac County came up with incentives. He says, “Whereas with Mercury Marine both the County and the City and state, it was kind of the three-legged stool that was used. And so because of that I felt that to be consistent if I was going to be supportive of Mercury Marine getting these things I should be supportive of Kimberly-Clark as well.” But he notes in this case Kimberly Clark isn’t getting support for a city or county and there are indications the company may not want the help.  Thiesfeldt believes the package they offered Foxconn was transformational by comparison. He says, “Even though Kimberly-Clark is 600 jobs you know that’s not anywhere near 13,000, which is what Foxconn is providing in fact 600 isn’t anywhere near the 3,200 Mercury Marine has, but they have been here for something like 150 years. It is pretty tough to lose a company like that.” The Assembly approved the tax incentive package by a 56 to 37 vote. It still needs Senate approval.