Thiesfeldt Testifies Before Senate Committee on Two Bills

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt testified this week in
front of the Senate Committee on Insurance, Financial Services, Government Oversight
and Courts on a pair of bills. Senate Bill 214 and Senate Bill 332, both were
introduced by Thiesfeldt in the Assembly.

Bill 332 would allow victims of sexual assault to access
information regarding their sexual assault kit as it proceeds through the
criminal justice process. Thiesfeldt said in his weekly newsletter that the system
will be “survivor focused”, and will “ensure the privacy and protection of the
survivor at every step, while adding a layer of autonomy that gives the
survivor the ability to be informed and involved in the process.” The lawmaker
from Fond du Lac says the system will help “revolutionize the criminal justice
process for all involved in sexual assault cases.”

In addition, Bill 214 deals with municipal ordinance enforcement
and court procedures – and introduces provisions that promote statutory
clarity, best practices, system efficiency and cost reduction, while protecting
the rights of municipalities and defendants.

Thiesfeldt says the bills have bipartisan support, and that
he’s hopeful they will pass the senate committee.