Think About a Virtual Thanksgiving This Year, Says Mueller

It’s the start of Thanksgiving week, and as coronavirus cases surge across the country health officials continue to urge people to limit their holiday gatherings to just those in your immediate family. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller explains a “traditional” Thanksgiving gathering with a large group of people can lead to the virus spreading quickly. 

“Those are the types of gatherings, when you have many households together, in a home, people are not physically distancing from each other. They’re not wearing masks or face coverings. Even if you have one person that’s infectious, looking normal and healthy, it’s that one person that’s able to spread it to everybody else.”

Mueller suggests having a virtual gathering with friends and family for Thanksgiving to include those who would normally be with you in-person over the holidays. To see more recommendations on how to safely celebrate the holidays, visit the link at