This Baby Will Have A Story To Tell For Years

For many parents expecting a baby, you hope for the best and plan for the worst. And this particular couple had done just that.

As Josh Biever tells KFIZ News, his wife Kailey is “very organized and had hospital bags packed and everything ready to go” even though their baby was not due until June 19.

So imagine Josh’s surprise when, Sunday morning, May 30, Kailey woke him up about 5 a.m. and tells him she’s having cramps. Josh, sheepishly, said he rolled over, because “her due date was June 19 so I thought nothing of it.”

But at 7 a.m., Josh was thrust back into reality when Kailey nudged him gently with a pillow to the face and told him to wake up, her water broke, and it was time to go.

So they grabbed their bags, and down the stairs they went to the car. That’s when things shifted into high gear.

Josh said the contractions started as soon as Kailey climbed into the front seat. Josh knew time was of the essence. Especially since they lived in Ripon, and the hospital in Ripon doesn’t deliver babies. So Fond du Lac was the destination, and Highway 23 was the quickest route there.

According to Josh, traveling through Ripon was not easy, but once they hit the highway, Kailey was screaming in agonizing pain. As Josh said “it was terrible. So I did what any husband would do with a screaming wife. I basically told her to buckle up and enjoy the ride.”

The trip took about 15-20 minutes by Josh’s estimation, and he while he knew he was speeding, he also was careful since he had an expectant wife and baby on board. Josh also knew Hwy. 23 is littered with local authorities, and as Josh tells KFIZ News, “the officer was in between two cars in oncoming traffic and as soon as he saw me, he hit his lights and I turned on my hazards. And then I told my wife to call the non-emergency number and tell them I’m not stopping.”

Josh said the decision was easy. His wife was in pain and the ambulance would not have reached them any sooner than what he figured his arrival time would be in Fond du lac.

In this case, timing was everything. Baby Bryce came into the world about as quick as Josh made the trip from Ripon to Fond du Lac.

The officer caught up with Josh at the hospital, and as Josh puts it “was very nice, very respectful. But I did break the law, and he was only doing his job.” Josh was cited for speeding and for reckless driving.

In case you were wondering, Josh did want folks to know, “despite my speeding, I still did the speed limit through Rosendale.” Because while guys can be forgetful, no one in their right mind who knows Rosendale takes a chance at speeding.

Josh says wife Kailey is doing “about as great as a woman can that gave birth moments after she was in a speeding car.”

As for Bryce? We’re thinking his new full name should be Bryce “All Gas, No Brake” Biever. We’ll let you know how mom and dad feel about that!