This Week is ‘Work Zone Awareness Week”

Governor Evers has proclaimed this week “Work Zone
Awareness Week”, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be taking
part in a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about safe driving as construction
and maintenance work ramps up in the spring and summer. Wisconsin’s observation
of “Work Zone Awareness Week” is in coordination with National Work Zone Awareness
Week, which runs April 8th through the 12th. Preliminary
data shows over 3,100 crashes were recorded in work zones in Wisconsin in 2018 –
causing nine deaths and over 1,200 injuries. Five-year data shows Wisconsin
averages nine work zone crashes a day in the construction season. Drivers and
passengers make up the majority of those injured or killed in work zone
crashes, but workers are highly at risk as well.

Work zones in Wisconsin include major highway construction
and rolling maintenance operations, as well as emergency response, municipal
projects and utility work along local roads. The theme for this year’s Work
Zone Awareness Week is “Drive Like You Work Here”, and drivers are encouraged
to remember to obey posted speed limits in work zones, avoid distractions –
including your cell phone, and to be courteous and patient when dealing with
traffic delays.