Three Board Members Recognized For Service To Moraine Park District

Three Moraine Park Technical College District Board members were recognized for their years of service and dedication during their final District Board meeting, June 17. Jodine Deppisch, Richard Zimman and Donna Goetz have served 19 years, combined, as Moraine Park District Board members.

Deppisch, of Ripon, joined the District Board in July 2006 and has represented the western portion of the District as an employer member. During her nine years with the Moraine Park District Board, Deppisch took on many different roles, serving terms as chairperson and vice-chairperson and, most recently, as chairperson of the Finance Committee and treasurer for the board. “I have enjoyed serving the Moraine Park District Board,” said Deppisch. “I feel very comfortable leaving, knowing the College is in excellent hands under the leadership of our new president.”

Zimman, of West Bend, joined the board in February 2008 as a school district administrator member. He was a very active board member throughout his seven-year term, attending many national, state and local events. Zimman also served terms as chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Moraine Park District Board. “It’s really been a pleasure serving,” said Zimman. “The people of the College make it what it is, and I am very happy I agreed to serve here.”

Goetz, of West Bend, was sworn in as an employee member representing the eastern portion of the Moraine Park District in July 2012. During her three-year term, she served as the Board’s representative on the Moraine Park Foundation Board. “This is an incredibly well-run organization and it’s been refreshing and exciting to be part of the board,” said Goetz.

In the photo: Moraine Park District Board Members are recognized for their years of service and dedication to the College and the District. Pictured (from left): Moraine Park President Bonnie Baerwald, Richard Zimman, Jodine Deppisch and Donna Goetz.