Three FDL Schools Named Schools Of Recognition

State Superintendent Tony Evers praised Chegwin Elementary, Sabish Middle, and Waters Elementary Schools for being among 178 schools in the state that received Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition honors for the 2016-17 school year during a special May 1 ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison.

“Our Schools of Recognition are staffed by dedicated educators,” Evers said. “Their success is something to celebrate; it serves as an example of the importance of schools, families, and communities working together to ensure that every child graduates ready for college and careers.”

Evers welcomed, from left: Katie Moder, Chegwin Principal, Patty Harvey, Sabish teacher, Cathy Daniels, Waters Principal, Alison Egnoski, Waters teacher, Laural Wilson, Chegwin teacher, and Joan Hammer, Sabish teacher, to the recognition event. The state superintendent recognized 21 High-Achieving schools and 21 High-Progress schools as identified by results from 2015-16 statewide assessments; nine schools earned both High-Achieving and High-Progress honors. Four schools, one of which was Chegwin, earned the award for a 10th consecutive year, while nine schools earned the award for a fifth consecutive year.

“Student success is part of the culture at Chegwin Elementary School. For thirteen years, educators, families, and the community have worked collaboratively to grow our students.  We welcome each student with open arms, assess their current abilities and create high goals that together we help them to achieve. It is an honor to be part of this team,” stated Katie Moder, Chegwin Principal.

“Sabish Middle School is unbelievably proud of the ‘Beating the Odds’ honor as our phenomenal staff unabashedly gives to our students whatever is needed. Our staff’s commitment to excellence is evidenced by their consistently outgrowing themselves as lead learners. This models what it means to have high expectations which then holds the bar high for students.  Through growth mindset, resilience, and using movement practices, we are educating our students not only academically, but socially and emotionally to the very best of our ability.  Our school’s students and staff have earned this honor and I couldn’t be more proud that we are living our motto ‘to be the best at getting better!’” shared Principal Torrie Rochon-Luft.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Waters Elementary students earned the Wisconsin Title 1 High Progress School of Recognition Award!  Waters students performed within the top 10% of schools who experienced growth in reading and math.  Additionally, Waters students have reduced achievement gaps between student groups.  “Waters School staff believe that all children can learn at high levels and we are so thankful for the dedication and commitment made by our children and families to work hard with us!” exclaimed a smiling Cathy Daniels, Waters Principal. 

“These awards are a further testament to the hard work and continuous improvement mindset that permeates our District.  I couldn’t be more proud of the students, teachers, staff, principals, and families at Chegwin, Sabish and Waters,” stated Dr. Jim Sebert, Superintendent of Schools.