Thursday’s Snow Keeps Law Enforcement Busy on Area Roads

Snow made for a busy morning Thursday for area law
enforcement on the roads around Fond du Lac County. Sheriff’s Deputies
responded to over 20 runoffs on Thursday’s first shift alone as the snow continued
to fall, creating slick spots on roads across the county. The Wisconsin State
Patrol was also busy Thursday, assisting drivers with runoffs and crashes.

With plenty more snow to come throughout the next few
months, Inspector Scott Linek with the State Patrol says drivers should use these
early snowstorms to prepare for what’s to come. “Make sure you have a full tank
of gas when you go out on days like today, because if something happens – you get
a flat tire, or you go in the ditch – it might be a wait for a deputy or a
trooper or a tow truck to come get you,” Linek said. “Just make sure you have a
blanket, maybe a shovel and if your car goes in the ditch, make sure the exhaust
is cleared off.” Officials add that the best thing any driver can do during
winter weather is slow down and give themselves extra time to get where they
need to be.


The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office was also called Thursday
morning to assist Winnebago County deputies with a jackknifed semi on Highway
26 just north of the county line. The accident was reported around 10 am, and
both northbound and southbound traffic on Highway 26 was diverted for a period
of time while a tow truck responded to clear the semi from the road. Traffic on
the highway was re-opened after about two hours. It’s not known if there were
any injuries.