Ticks Can Be A Concern

Mosquitoes aren’t the only little critters that can pose a health threat for people and animals this summer. West Nile virus has been getting more press, but Lyme disease carried by ticks can also pose a threat. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller urges residents to check their pets and their kids for ticks when they spend time outdoors. She says one person told her their dog had 14 ticks on them. She says pets can bring the ticks in the house with them. She says ticks aren’t just found in tall grass. She says being vigilant is a good habit to get in. According to the state’s Department of Health Services in Wisconsin, the highest number of cases of Lyme disease is seen in the western and northern regions, but in recent years, cases have increased in the central region and eastern region. It is the highest reported tick-borne disease in Wisconsin, with more than 38,000 cases reported between 1980 and 2015.