Tiny Girl Makes Big Impression At Local Schools

The Tiny Girl with the Big Dream made an impression on students at several Fond du Lac and North Fond du Lac schools over the past few days. Fifteen-year-old Acacia Woodley, nicknamed “Tiny,” was born without complete arms. But that hasn’t held her back. When she entered a new school in Florida one of the other girls bullied her. She learned when she invited the girl to her home that she too had problems. Acasia says it helped inspire her to create Friendship benches where students who need a friend can go to talk out their problems with others. She also created Friendship kits, which include wristbands that say “I am Amazing.” She gave those out to the students and teachers at her local presentations this week. She says whenever teachers or students have a rough day they can look down at the bracelets to remind themselves they are amazing. Friendship benches were donated to the schools she visited, which included Waters, Rosenow, and Roberts Elementary Schools and the Springs in Fond du Lac and the Friendship Learning Center in North Fond du Lac thanks to Tom Schneider of Silica for Your Home and the Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce. (Photo from Fond du Lac School District taken at Waters Elementary)