Toney, Buechel Endorse Waldschmidt

Two more local officials are throwing their support behind Captain Ryan Waldschmidt in the race for sheriff. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney has worked with Waldschmidt for years, and says actions taken throughout his career have built a strong resume for the job. 

Toney says over the years, “there was never one particular moment, it’s just a culmination of all the observations I’ve made from him. And just the consistency and intelligence and effectiveness that he brings to the table and the respect that he commands and the leadership skills that he demonstrates.”

Toney adds that it’s also about “the leadership and how other deputies respond to his leadership. And
just the intelligence and common sense that he brings with him to the table,
and he’s probably one of the most humble people that I’ve met. And just a
compassion for the job. He has my full trust in representing and leading the Sheriff’s Office.”

He also wants voters to take a closer look at Waldschmidt’s time with the Sheriff’s Office before they cast a ballot. Toney hopes “not just because other people are supporting him but because
they look at what Ryan has accomplished and what he is looking to do that
they’ll give him their vote and trust him for the next four years as our
sheriff of Fond du Lac County – and I know their faith will be rewarded by Ryan.”

County Executive Allen Buechel also announced his endorsement backing Waldschmidt. Buechel tells us “over the past five or six years I’ve actually had a lot of experiences
with him and different things that he’s been involved in, and I could see that
number one – he had the respect of the other folks around him, which is
critical – but he also had a good command of the issues and represented those
issues very well. And he clearly understands the sheriff’s department.”

Buechel also mentioned that “he works well with everyone, he’s not overbearing. He’s very much an
advocate for what he believes in, but he’s very easy to work with to find the
solution or the ultimate outcome that we’re looking for.”

Waldschmidt squares off against Deputy Mike Norton in the August 14th election. The winner of the primary will be the only person listed on November ballot for sheriff.