Toney Hoping For Longer Statute Of Limitations For Certain Crimes

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney has spoken with several state legislators about extending the statute of limitations for certain crimes. Recently Dennis Brantner was convicted of second degree reckless homicide in the death of Berit Beck. That couldn’t have been done if Brantner hadn’t waived the statute of limitations for the crime. Toney says they wouldn’t have considered the lesser-included offense if Brantner hadn’t waived the statute of limitations. He says, “If you talk to anybody and you let them know well somebody could be charged with murder and then the jury could consider lesser murders and if they convict on one there wouldn’t be a sentence. People kind of look at you cross-eyed like that doesn’t make any sense. “Toney asked the legislators he talked with to consider allowing longer statue of limitations for serious crimes that juries might consider as a lesser offense when they are deliberating. He says, “If a jury is looking at those lesser-included offenses even if it were beyond the statute of limitations that the statute of limitations be changed so that it would be the same as the what the crime charged would be so that if a jury did find someone guilty of a lesser-included offense that the person could still be sentenced and held accountable for that.”