Too Close To The Stove

Although it didn’t happen here Fond du Lac Fire Division Chief Troy Haase says there is something to be learned from an incident that happened in a dorm in Madison. He says, “A person was cooking on an electric stove had a loose like flannel shirt on of some sort and she got too close to the stove. She was boiling water got too close to the stove and her clothing started to burn.” Haase urges people to try and keep anything that might burn at least three feet away from a hot surface like a stove. He says, “We talk with kids about keeping things away from the stove. It’s the same thing for yourself. You have to be alert to what type of clothing you have, where your handles are all those things that can cause a problem in the kitchen.” Haase says according to the article he read about the incident the woman didn’t notice at first that the shirt was smoking, probably smoldering.