Tourism Spending Impact Up In FDL County And The State

Fond du Lac County continued to see its tourism revenue grow in 2016. State Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett says total tourism business in the County grew compared to 2015. She says direct visitor spending increased by 6.7 percent and total business sales were nearly $240 million. She says in terms of employment 2,653 people had jobs because of tourism in Fond du Lac County. She says overall the County ranked 21st for visitor spending out of the 72 counties. She says that’s fantastic when you consider the number of other counties that have a bigger population. In 2016 direct visitor spending accounted for $141.1 million in revenue in Fond du Lac County. The state also did very well for the first time tourism accounted for a $20 billion impact, an increase of $700 million over 2015. This week is National Travel and Tourism Week.

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