Town Of Oakfield Looks At Stricter Ordinance For Liquid Manure Use

The Town of Oakfield is looking at a stricter ordinance regarding the use of liquid manure on farm fields. More than 50 people attended a recent public hearing held by the Town’s Plan Commission about prohibiting the use of liquid manure on about 5,000 acres in the southeastern portion of the township. The commission decided to table the proposal. But Town Board Chairman Russ Ratkowski says they have to do something about protecting their well water because the soil above that fractured bedrock isn’t thick enough to protect it. He says the closer you get to the ledge overlooking the Horicon Marsh the soil might only be an inch thick. Other counties along the Niagara Escarpment or “Ledge,” which also share the same type of Karst topography have protection ordinances. Kewaunee and Calumet counties prohibit the use of liquid manure during certain parts of they year. Fond du Lac County Conservationist Paul Tollard says the Oakfield ordinance would have gone much further he says it would have been the most restrictive in the state. Ratkowski says they are still reviewing the ordinance.