Traffic Accident Increase In Eastern FDL

Police assigned to the Fond du Lac Police Department’s East District are trying to do something about an increase in traffic accidents in the northeast and southeast sides of the City. Captain Jason Laridaen is the commander of the East District. He notes one of their efforts includes the Johnson Street corridor and making traffic signals more noticeable by putting yellow framing around them to make them more visable. Of course educating the public to encourage safer driving behavior is also important. The high school and all three colleges are located in the East District. He says one particular problem area is Ducharme Parkway with traffic coming off Highway 151. Police are working with City Engineering and the Department of Public Works to do something about the speed of the traffic because it is a residential area. Changes to County Highway V with roundabouts and traffic from Highway 151 have also led to concerns about speed and increased traffic volume.