Traffic Fatalities Up For The State And FDL County In 2017

Fond du Lac County and the State of Wisconsin will both finish 2017 with more fatal traffic accidents than in 2016. The County’s Traffic Safety Commission reviewed those numbers when they met last week. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says going into this past weekend the state was only four behind the total number of fatal accidents it recorded for last year. The state was at 568 with a total of 572 for all of 2016. Meanwhile Fond du Lac County has already recorded 11 fatal accidents this year compared to 10 in 2016. The five-year average for the County is 13. Waldschmidt says with about two weeks left in the year and more drinking and driving going on during the holidays the state will finish with more fatal accidents. He’s hoping the County won’t see any more the rest of the year. Since 2012 the highest number of fatal accidents for a year in the County was 2012 when there were 22 and the lowest in 2013 with 9.