Trailing Your Shanty Make Sure It Is Legal

An inspector with the State Patrol reminds sturgeon spearers to make sure if they are hauling their fishing shanties on the road they are legal. That annual parade of shanties to Lake Winnebago and the Upriver Lakes begins today. State Patrol Inspector Scott Hlinak says whether you are hauling it on a trailer or the shanty itself is on wheels it will need a few things to make it legal on our highways. He says, “Any trailer and trailing your shanty it does need brake lights, it does need the turn signals, directionals during the day, tail lights at night need to be working. We see many of them with the same excuse well I’m just pulling this just one time a year, it’s a shanty. Well it’s on wheels and it’s connected to your vehicle, it’s technically a trailer.” Hlinak recommends making sure your trailer is in working order a day or two before you hit the road. He says, “Check the maintenance before the morning of. Give yourself a couple days, maybe grease the axels and check the tires to make sure they aren’t dry-rotted.” He points out most shanties don’t weigh over 3,000 pounds so they don’t have to be registered.