Transportation Funding

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says he’s among a number of state legislators waiting for the results of an audit on state’s department of transportation. He says after that how to fund transportation projects will be discussed. He says it doesn’t appear enough funding is being put into transportation. But he feels that funding could be used more wisely. He says legislators tell him stories about wasteful things being done on road projects, but also about projects that don’t need to be done. Governor Walker says he won’t raise taxes or fees to fund transportation projects unless taxpayers get relief elsewhere. Thiesfeldt says most people feel raising the gas tax is the fairest way to raise money for road projects. He says they’ve looked at the issue thoroughly. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says there are people who benefit from our road system who don’t drive. He says there should be a way to have them pay their share as well. He says for instance delivery of goods and products to stores is mostly done on our roads.