Treffert Academy To Enhance Child Care Options

The Treffert Academy – 371 E. 1st Street, Fond du Lac – is expanding its current services for three and four year olds starting fall 2017.

In collaboration with the Fond du Lac School District, the Treffert Academy will offer a 4K program during both morning and afternoon sessions four days per week (with the exception of Fridays).

Interested parents can call to schedule a tour, and then during fall enrollment with the school district can select the Treffert Academy.

In addition to the 4K program the Treffert Academy will also be offering a half-day 3K program starting in fall 2017. The half-day 3K program is a wonderful option for families who don’t need full-day child care, but are interested in the social-emotional opportunities the Academy has to offer. 

Two sessions of the half-day 3K will be offered – a Monday, Wednesday and Friday option, along with a Tuesday and Thursday option. The curriculum will align with the Treffert Academy’s current full-day program option.

The Treffert Academy offers a stimulating educational program in a warm, nurturing setting for all children from 2.5 to 12 years of age. Each day, children explore materials on their own, participate in small group projects, and join together in whole group for stories, songs, and outdoor play. While focusing on social-emotional development, self-regulation and empathy children are encouraged to grow in independence, curiosity and initiative, at the same time that they learn to cooperate, respect others and form relationships based on trust, fairness and sensitivity to the feelings of others. 

Currently, the Treffert Academy offers:

  • All-day preschool for children ages three to five years old
  • Before and after school care for school-aged children
  • All child care on days with no school
  • Summer programming

The Treffert Academy is currently accepting enrollment for its current full-day preschool program and school-age program, as well as enrollment for the three-year-old program for fall.

For more information, call (920) 907-3967 or e-mail at [email protected].