Triple-A: Deaths Caused by Running a Red Light Reach 10-year High in WI

The number of people killed by a person running a red
traffic light in Wisconsin increased 150-percent in 2017. That’s according to
Triple-A, who says 22 people in the state were killed by someone running a red
light in 2017, which represents the most recent crash data available. Nationwide
numbers show 939 people were killed in red light crashes in 2017 – which is a
10-year high and a 22-percent increase over the average from 2008 to 2016. The
most recent Traffic Safety Culture Index by the Triple-A Foundation found that
85-percent of drivers view running a red light as “very dangerous”, but nearly
one in three drivers say they ran a red light within the last month when they
could have stopped safely. With crash numbers on the rise, Triple-A is calling
for drivers to use good judgement when approaching intersections – and for
pedestrians and cyclists to stay alert when crossing the street.