Triple A: More than 55 Million People Expected to Travel for Thanksgiving

More than 55 million people are expected to travel for the
Thanksgiving holiday next week, with some experts predicting “record” travel
delays next Wednesday. Triple-A says 49.3 million people will drive to their
destination for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is the most since 2005 and a 2.8
percent increase over last year. Travel by airplane is expected to climb 4.6
percent, and travel by train or bus is expected to increase 1.4 percent over 2018.
Drivers are told to expect delays throughout the week – with travel times
peaking on Wednesday afternoon nationally, as holiday travelers mix with
regular weekday traffic.

In Wisconsin, experts say more than one million people will
be driving to their Thanksgiving destination, with another 97,000 traveling by
air. Gas prices across the state sit at an average of $2.38 a gallon, which is
down nine cents from last month and down 20 cents from a year ago. The average price
nationally for gas is $2.61.