Triple-A Releases Survey on Wisconsin Road Quality, Transportation Funding

A new study from Triple-A finds that over 60 percent of
Wisconsin residents believe current transportation funding is not adequate to
maintain roads in the state at their current condition. The numbers come from a
Consumer Pulse Study that was conducted online between January 28th
and February 8th of this year. On the study, 44 percent said roads
and bridges in the state are in “fair” quality, while 18 percent say roads and bridges
are in “poor” quality. The study also shows the options residents support to
increase transportation funding remain mixed. 25 percent of respondents support
increasing the gas tax, while 19 percent say charging tolls is the solution. 18
percent want to see registration/plate fees increased, while 15 percent say
there should be a road usage charge – a tax based on vehicle miles traveled. Meanwhile,
21 percent of residents say they do not support any effort to increase transportation