Trooper Casper Justified In Fatal Shooting With Bank Robber

The 21-year-old State Trooper who lost his life in a shootout in Fond du Lac with a bank robber was justified in his “Use of Force.” That’s the conclusion of Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney in the March 24th shooting in which Trooper Trevor Casper had a fatal exchange of gunfire with Steve Snyder. Colonel Brian Rahn the deputy superintendent of the State Patrol says Casper will be memorialized for his bravery on State and National Law Enforcement Memorials. Toney says Casper’s heroic action and use of force are justified. During the 17-second shootout Snyder fired nine times striking Casper three times. Casper fired 12 times hitting Snyder once, but that shot went through Snyder’s back and passed through his heart. It was fatal. Toney says not many people would have the courage to do what Trooper Casper did. The state’s Division of Criminal Investigation issued its own 26-page report on the shooting, which is available at the Department of Justice website

Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Report.

Hear the press conference.

Colonel Brian Rahn.

Captain Anthony Burrell.