Trooper, Good Samaritan Provide CPR along I-41

A State Patrol trooper and a Good Samaritan were able to provide
life-saving measures for a man that was suffering a medical emergency Wednesday
morning. Just after 9am, a trooper was waved over to a set of vehicles along
northbound Interstate 41 near Church
in Fond
du Lac
A man in the passenger seat appeared to be unconscious and not breathing – so
the trooper began CPR. A short time later, a Good Samaritan, who was a doctor,
arrived on scene and assisted with life-saving measures. The trooper and the
doctor continued with CPR for around nine minutes until two State Patrol Sergeants
arrived and took over CPR. Fond du Lac Fire and
Rescue Ambulance then made it to the scene and the man was transported to St. Agnes
for treatment. The State
Patrol says at last report the man was conscious and receiving additional