Turf Field Discussions Continue In Fond du Lac

Could a new turf field be on the horizon for the Fond du Lac School District?

It’s too early to tell, but the Fond du Lac School Board did get an update last night from John Williams, Director of Facility Services and Safety for the district.

A study had been done as to the feasibility of berm construction for Fruth Field and the Aquatic Center, both located on 9th St., which would ideally mitigate the amount of water near the structures in the event of the FDL River overflowing its banks.

Williams told the board “It does not look like we are able to do that, because we would raise the flood plain upstream.” But he did say there might be options “One of the options would be to fill the center of the field, raise that, and raise that above the flood plain in that area.”

Mr. Williams said the cost of putting a turf field in place at Fruth Field would be north of $2 million, while a stadium project located at Fondy High School would be roughly $7.6 million.

Fond du Lac School District Superintendent Jeffry Fleig said he would bring updated information as well as the original drawings of the potential stadium located at the high school to the next board meeting.

The board agreed to a workshop at the December 13, 2021 meeting to discuss the next steps.