Turnout Expected For Sheriff’s And Congressional Race Voting

If you plan to vote today remember it’s a primary election and by state law you have to vote straight ticket. Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says that means picking a party and sticking with it otherwise your ballot won’t be valid. That may be inconvenient for voters who want to vote Democratic, but also want to vote in the County Sheriff’s race because both candidates are Republican. The 59th State Assembly race, which some voters in the County will be voting on is all Republican candidates and will be decided in this election. Four Republicans are also running for the 6th Congressional District race. Freiberg says you won’t need to shower ID, but if your name or address has changed since the last election you will have to show proof of residence to register. The state elections board is expecting about a 15 percent turnout today, but Freiberg is expecting more than double that in the County because of the Sheriff’s and Congressional race. She’s predicting a 32 percent turnout. We will have election reports during tonight’s Brewers game on KFIZ. You will also be able to get the results here at KFIZ.com.