Turnout For Transportation

About 75 people turned out for a meeting in Fond du Lac about how to keep pressure on the state to fund to transportation project needs. The so-called “Turnout for Transportation” meeting in Fond du Lac County was one of 71 held across the state Thursday night. County, City, Town and Village officials attended to express their needs about the Governor’s proposed Transportation Budget, which will trim $300 million from the previous budget. State Assembly candidate Paul Czisny says transportation is the number one thing people talk to him about. He says people are tired of driving down roads that aren’t being fixed and kicking the can down the road in terms of projects that need our attention like Highway 23.  County Executive Al Buechel says we can’t afford to delay projects and cut funding. He says we have to find a stable funding source to go forward and make improvements to road systems because every year it is deteriorating. He says every year we postpone we are going to have more roads in bad shape. Organizers of the meeting told the gathering they need to contact their legislators and push for more funding even if that means hiking the gas tax and increasing the vehicle registration fee. 

Turnout for Transportation website

Road Funding Concerns Shared

One of the telling comments shared at a Fond du Lac County meeting Thursday night about transportation funding issues in the state came from a township official. The comment posted on the Turnout for Transportation website said funding is so tight for some of their needs that they’ve considered going back to gravel roads. Others at the meeting in Fond du Lac talked about the conditions of roads and bridges they’ve continually been denied funding for. State Senate candidate Dan Feyen says he’s talked with city, village and town officials and knows how dire the situation has gotten. He says they tell him we need good roads for our manufacturing economy, farming economy, and the safety of our citizens. About 75 people attended the meeting. Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore says there was some good discussion and he was impressed with the turnout. People were encouraged to contact their legislators and share their comments on the Fond du Lac County page of the Turnout for Transportation website.