Twenty Five Years Awards Banquet

Fond du Lac School District Board members, administrators, and colleagues recently recognized District staff members who have been employed in the school district for 25 years. The 25-year award recipients shared some of their favorite memories which were read by Superintendent Dr. James Sebert at the May 2 banquet. Pictured here are the individuals who were inducted into this 25-year club for the 2016 school year: seated (L-R) Alan Kraus – Parkside, Marcy Farina – Rosenow, Robert Doeckel – Fond du Lac High School (FHS), Christine Stelmacher – FHS, Lisa Steinacker – FHS; standing – Bonnie Bruckner – Parkside, Carolyn Otto – Riverside, Nancy Becker – Theisen, Kay Sprader – Riverside, Catherine Dowland – Chegwin, and Eric Anderson – Woodworth. Not pictured: Frank Alaniz, Gregory Amadon, Margaret Bohn, Andrew Hoffman, James Luby, Robert May and Samuel Nytes.