Twist To The IRS Scam

There’s a new twist on the old IRS scam where scammers prepare a real tax return in your name and file for a refund. “This time the IRS is calling you, to let you know that you have been paid money off a return that was filed and then they issued the refund on that, but it was falsely issued.” Michelle Reinen is the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Affairs for the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. She points out scammers are hacking into tax preparer computers to get the information they need on you so they can do the returns and then send the refund to your accounts. They will then call you posing as the IRS demanding the money be wired back to them. Reinen says there are a couple of issues with the scam. She says, “One there is this false filing so now we have to worry about tax identify theft for this, this person and then we also have that there is going to be demand for money and if you pay that you could be out the money aspect of it.” Reinen advises checking your accounts and if you see an IRS deposit sent to you that you weren’t anticipating work with the bank to send it back. Reinen says the IRS will never call you or ask you to wire them money.