Two Cruisers Hit While Assisting Accident Victims In Winnebago County

A State Patrol cruiser and a Winnebago County Sheriff’s cruiser were both struck within a half hour of each other on Highway 41 Sunday morning while assisting motorists involved in traffic crashes. A state trooper was out at the scene of a two-vehicle crash in Neenah when another motorist hit the back of the cruiser. The trooper was out of the cruiser assisting motorists when the cruiser was struck. Later a Sheriff’s deputy was at the scene of a single vehicle accident on the Lake Butte des Morts Bridge when the deputy’s cruiser was struck twice by other drivers. Although the Sheriff’s deputy wasn’t in the cruiser, but one of the accident victims was and she suffered minor injuries. Both the State Patrol and Sheriff’s vehicles were severly damaged in the crashes. The State Patrol and Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies had ust partnered last Thursday to enforce the “Move Over” law. Twenty-one motorists were cited for violations of the law that day.