Two FDL Residents Rescued From Lake Winnebago


Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s officials say they were able Saturday to locate
the submerged sailboat that capsized Friday afternoon on Lake Winnebago. The
Water Patrol found in the area of where the incident occurred. It sunk to the
bottom of the lake, partially on its side and does not present a navigational
hazard at this time. The owner was contacted and will be making arrangements to
have the sailboat removed. Twenty-three-year-old Christopher Stolte and
22-year-old Chanel Volpel were rescued from the lake after the sailboat
capsized. They used a cell phone to call for help and were wearing life jackets
when they were rescued. They were not injured in the incident. 

 Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies rescued two Fond du Lac
residents whose sailboat capsized in Lake Winnebago Friday afternoon. The County
Communications Center got a 911 call shortly before 4 p.m. One of the occupants
of the boat had a cell phone and was able to place the call. The boat capsized
about three quarters of a mile west of the Fisherman’s Road boat launch.
Deputies rescued 23-year-old Christopher Stolle and 22-year-old Chanel Volpel.
The were wearing life jackets and had held themselves together until the rescue.
They were uninjured and were taken to shore where they were checked out by Mt.
Calvary Ambulance personnel. The 16 foot Luge Sailboat submerged and was
drifting due to 3 foot waves. It has a white bottom, blue top, blue sails and
has the Wisconsin Registration of WS 5996 BK. Anyone that’s seen it is asked to
call the Sheriff’s non-emergency number (920) 929-3390. The Sheriff’s Water
Patrol will be out today looking for the sailboat.