Two Former FDL Police Detectives Testify During Brantner Murder Trial

Two former Fond du Lac Police detectives were questioned Wednesday on evidence gathering in the murder trial for a 62-year-old Kenosha man. Dennis Brantner is suspected of killing 18-year-old Berit Beck in July of 1990. She was on her way to a work seminar when she stopped in Fond du Lac. Her van was found in a K-mart parking lot. Former detectives Milt Swantz and Phil Anderson testified about the evidence that was gathered from that van, how it was catalogued and evidence procedures. Brantner’s lawyer, Craig Powell, asked Swantz about a red shirt with a missing piece from its back. It was photographed, but is no longer amongst the evidence. Powell is making a case for key evidence he claims is missing. Swantz did not know what happened to the shirt. Beck’s body was found in a ditch outside of Waupun in August of 1990. The Fond du Lac County jury trial is scheduled for three weeks.