Two Sex Offenders Arrested For Working At Dodge County Fair

Two sex offenders working in the carnival at last week’s Dodge County Fair were arrested and taken to jail. The Sheriff’s Department has begun running background checks on carnival workers who work at the fair to see if they are on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says parents have brought up their concerns over the years about people who interact with their kids at the games and rides. Both sex offenders were not supposed to have contact with children. The first offender was on probation and still under supervision. He was allowed to set up and take things down, but not to operate any rides which he was doing. A second offender was no longer under supervision, but because he was convicted of 1st degree sexual assault of a child shouldn’t have been working in a carnival where he is likely to run into kids under the age of 16.  Both sex offenders face likely charges for working at the fair.