Two Teenagers Rescued after Kayaks Overturn in FDL River

Two teenagers from Fond du Lac were rescued from
the Fond du Lac River after their kayaks overturned in the river Monday


According to a press release, the Fond du Lac
County Communications Center received a 911 call about the incident around 1:15
pm Monday. Reports indicate a 30-year-old man, along with two 13-year-olds –
all of them from Fond du Lac – were kayaking on the river when their kayaks
overturned in turbulent water.


Authorities say the group got their kayaks back
upright, with the man able to get out of the river and go to a home on Shraven
Circle where he called for help. The 13-year-olds continued downstream in their
kayaks, and at the time of the 911 call, it was unknown where the kids were or
if they needed help.


The release says phone contact was made with the
teens just before 1:45 pm, and sheriff’s deputies were able to get to them just
north of Rogersville Road on the bank of the river.


No one was injured in the incident, as the teens
were wearing personal flotation devices.


Also assisting at the scene were North Fond du
Lac Fire and Ambulance and a warden from the Wisconsin DNR.