U.S Health Officials Continue to Warn Against Vaping, E-Cigarette Use

U.S. Health Officials on Friday again urged people to stop
using e-cigarettes or vaping, until it can be figured out why some are coming
down with serious breathing illnesses. Officials said they had identified 450
possible cases, including at least three deaths, In 33 states. That total
includes a newly-reported death in Indiana. In Wisconsin, the state Department
of Health Services reported this week that there have been 34 cases of severe
lung disease linked to vaping with another 12 cases that require further

No single vaping device, liquid or ingredient has been tied
to all the illnesses, but many of those who have gotten sick were people who
said they had been vaping THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. Health
officials are continuing to suggest people stay away from all vaping products until
the investigation clearly establishes what is at the root of all the illnesses.