U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Continues Work on Climate Change Committee

There’s a lot on the agenda for congress as they have
returned to Washington this week after the August recess. For U.S. Senator
Tammy Baldwin, one of the points of interest continues to be climate change and
its impact on our nation. Earlier this year, Baldwin was named to the Senate
Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis – which will study the
impacts of climate change on the nation’s economy and national security.
Baldwin says they will continue to focus on those topics and more as they get
back to work this month. “As we move on, we’re going to be gaining a greater
understanding of how our economy is being negatively impacted right now and the
risks and threats we face, especially in waterfront communities like we have so
many of in the State of Wisconsin.” Baldwin says she’s “very encouraged” about
being able to use “home-grown Wisconsin ideas” while she serves on the
committee. That committee is made up of 10 members, and is chaired by Senator
Brian Schatz from Hawaii.