Unemployment Rate Dips Slightly in FDL County

The Department of Workforce Development is releasing unemployment statistics for metro areas, major cities, and counties around the state of Wisconsin. The estimates show updates to the July 2018 numbers – along with preliminary numbers for August 2018. 

According to those statistics, Fond du Lac County ranks 29th in the state for unemployment rate – sitting at 2.9-percent in August. That is up slightly from 3-percent the year before and the 3-percent rate in July of this year.

 Racine saw the largest decline over the last year, with a 1.2 percent drop down to 2.2 percent. Florence County also dropped 1.2 percent to 3.2 percent. 

The data also shows Wisconsin added 22,500 manufacturing jobs over the past year – ranking the state second in the nation in that category. Wisconsin’s historically low unemployment rate of three percent ranked tenth lowest in the nation.