United Way Connecting Volunteers with Those in Need

The United Way is always looking to work with more volunteers – especially in the aftermath of disasters like the storms that hit last month. Chris Durkin with the United Way and FondyVolunteers.Org tells us there is an organized way for people to get connected and lend a hand. 

Durkin says their job “in the instance of a disaster – like for example, seventeen tornado touchdowns in the area – what we do is, in consultation with emergency management, we set up a reception center staffed by volunteers to help with spontaneous volunteers.”

He adds that “we kind of work as that agency connector to get people who need help
connected with people who want to help but maybe don’t have that kind of
structure in place. So we’ve gotten calls from people who say like ‘hey I’ve
got a chainsaw and I just want to be able to help someone get trees cut up’.”

Durkin says they are also looking for help to run reception centers – and that “a lot of it has to do with just making sure we’re getting the right
people in the right place. Most of the folks that are actually coming to staff
the DVRC – you’re not the ones with axes and chainsaws and doing all that heavy
lifting – you’re helping administer what the center looks like.”

A reception center has been set up at the fire station in Plymouth – and will be there through the end of the week. Those who want to volunteer can either stop by or call 920-893-0318 to get involved.