United Way Helps With Woman With Child Care Needs

Fond du Lac Area United Way Executive Director Amber Kilawee recently shared a story with us about how she was able to help out a woman who falls into the Alice category. Alice is an acronym for Asset Limited Income Constrained Employee. Alice families are families that have family members who work multiple jobs, but due to their circumstances still have a hard time making ends meet.  In this particular case a woman named Erica was in danger of losing child care for her four-year-old daughter. Erica works full time. Fortunately she was already receiving child care through the YMCA, which receives funding from the United Way to help people that need child care. She was able to save that slot in child care and the little girl’s life was not turned upside down. Thirty-three percent of the population in Fond du Lac County falls into the Alice category.