Unsafe Ice

The Division Chief for Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue says ice conditions on Lake Winnebago got worse with the recent thaw. Troy Haase recently talked with someone who flew over the lake that saw a lot of open water. He says those with experience fishing on the lake know how the cracks run, but it is those who don’t that can be in danger. He says, “But I know there’s a lot of guys even at work they understand how the cracks run and where you should or shouldn’t go to try to avoid certain things, but its those new people that go out or they go out for sturgeon spearing and sturgeon spearing is over and they get together afterward or something.” Haase points out that they respond to rescue calls that are closer to the southern shore of the lake unless it’s an ambulance call and then it depends where on the lake that call originates from. He says, “But if it is out on lake it’s a County event usually and depending on what area of the lake which ambulance responding. You know if it’s in our area you know roughly how we draw a line across the lake I guess.   It’s a County response but we would help them with ambulance you know for calls like that.” Oshkosh Fire Department rescued a man whose pickup truck went through the ice on Lake Winnebago Tuesday morning.