Unsecured Object Likely Caused Drivers Death In FDL County Accident

One of the first State Patrol inspectors on the scene of a fatal accident in Fond du Lac County this week says some unfortunate circumstances led to the death of a 62-year-old California man. The driver went through a stop sign at County Highway F and Highway 175 in the Town of Bryon. Another driver hit the back axle of the semi’s trailer causing it to roll. Inspector Scott Hlinak says it appears a heavy object loose in the cab of the truck struck the driver in the head causing an injury that turned out to be fatal. The investigation is still being conducted. The driver was taken to St. Agnes Hospital where he died. The other driver suffered non-life threatening injuries. It was the second or third fatal accident Hlinak has worked in the past couple of months. He recommends securing objects in your vehicle even using a seatbelt to do or storing them in your trunk. He’s worked other accidents where unsecured objects in a vehicle have struck the driver causing injuries. Unsecured license plates inside a car rather than on a bumper where they belong can also become dangerous objects during a crash.