US Honor Flag Visits Ripon

An American Flag with a special connection to 9-11 made a special visit to Ripon this week. U.S. Honor Flag Founder Chris Heisler brought the flag to Ripon College where his son is a student and member of the Red Hawk Company ROTC and afterwards took it to the Ripon Police Department. Heisler was 35-years-old when 9-11 happened. Shortly after he enlisted and served a tour in Iraq. He was able to get a hold of a flag that flew over recovery efforts in New York City and has made a mission of making it available at events across the country. It has been draped over coffins and been present at hundreds of law enforcement, firefighters, and military personnel funerals. Ripon Police Captain Bill Wallner says it has traveled millions of miles. He says it has been in numerous Super Bowls, World Series games, and special occasions and was taken up in the last Space Shuttle flight.  Wallner says because of the special meaning attached to the flag it is handled with dignity and respect. An officer saluted the flag, removed it from a case, handled it with white gloves, and after photos were taken the officer placed it back in the case, and saluted the flag again. White gloves used to handle the flag keep oils from the hand from damaging the flag. Afterwards the officer who handled the flag gets to keep the gloves as a momentum. The flag also visited Milwaukee this week. 

The Ripon College Red Hawk Company-ROTC posted this photo of the flag’s visit on their Facebook page. 

Ripon Police took this photo of the vehicle the flag is transported in.