UW Extension Offers Well Testing for Town of Empire Residents

Families in the Town of Empire are invited to test their well water through the University of Wisconsin – Extension in Fond du Lac County. You can sign up online to reserve a bottle, but Natural Resource Educator Diana Hammer says it’s on a first come, first served basis because “we only have a limited capacity in the lab, so 35 have already been spoken for – but if you are interested, do that. Or mail in the flyer that you will be seeing shortly, maybe it’s already in your email inbox. The clerk, Mike Morgan, has an excellent email system and you can get it on our UW-Extension website too.”

Hammer adds that “instructions are really detailed, there’s photos – there’s also videos
that you can find on my website. If you’re curious about that you can call me
too and I’ll walk you through it. But wait until you get the instructions and
see then what questions you have. Then everybody who is participating is going
to take their sample either on the evening of October 15th or on the
morning of Tuesday, October 16th and bring it to the town hall
between 7:00am and 8:30am.”

Individual results will be returned and explained in detail during a public educational meeting the evening of November 14th