UW-Fond du Lac Merger with Oshkosh, Fox Valley Campuses Set for Sunday

UW-Fond du Lac is set to officially become a campus of UW-Oshkosh on Sunday. A larger merger across the UW-System is combining smaller two-year schools with the four-year institutions. 

Chancellor Andrew Leavitt is looking forward to the change, saying “we should hopefully have a positive announcement on Sunday as we come
into existence as a new university with three campuses. So we hope that the
switch will be flipped on Sunday and we’ll be off and running.”

Leavitt adds that major baccalaureate programs – and even some graduate programs – will be made accessible at the Fond du Lac campus along with the traditional associate’s degree option at the school. He tells us “students need to be able to pick the path that’s best for them and their family. And we want to be able to offer a variety of options where people can experience higher education in different ways.”

The students enrolled in the baccalaureate programs at the Fond du Lac campus will be paying a similar tuition cost to those at UW-Oshkosh itself – as opposed to the lower cost of the associate’s programs. 

The temporary name change will make it UW-Fond du Lac, a campus of UW-Oshkosh – but a larger name change for the campus or institution as a whole is still in the works. Leavitt hopes to incorporate the identities and cultures of all local communities involved – pointing out “I think that we owe it to ourselves to make the right and informed
decision to not only what these campuses will be called, but what the
university will be called.”